Independent Software Vendors

Cloud Readiness Without Costly Rewrites

GO-Global® enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deliver their Windows® applications globally, on demand, from a public, private, or hybrid cloud, without costly and lengthy rewrites and no loss of end user features and functions. ISVs can seamlessly integrate GO-Global’s secure multi-user, remote access functionality into their Windows applications, and replace GO-Global visual elements in the user interface with their own logo, name, and images to reinforce their brand.

Leveraging GO-Global, ISVs can provide end users with the rich functionality found in Windows applications and the convenience of having those applications delivered via the cloud to wherever they are, on any device with a web browser, including PCs, Macs, and Android™ devices. Because GO-Global closely mimics a native desktop or mobile device experience, most end users don’t realize that they are using GO-Global.

Desktop end users can simultaneously run local applications and remote applications delivered by GO-Global and arrange all application windows on their desktop, move remote applications delivered by GO-Global into multiple monitors, print to local or networked printers, and much more. GO-Global-powered Windows applications accessed from mobile devices behave and respond more like mobile apps. Administrators can also use GO-Global to create custom toolbars that enhance the end user’s mobile experience.

GO-Global also reduces end user helpdesk calls with features like automatic reconnect following temporary network disruption, allowing end users to open files on the client in applications running on the host, high-performance access even over low bandwidth connections, and support for single sign-on solutions to eliminate multiple logins.

ISVs using GO-Global to publish Windows applications avoid the technology overhead of desktop and application virtualization technologies and save at least 40% on application delivery costs over Citrix®, VMware® Horizon®, or Microsoft® RDS. And, unlike Citrix, VMware, and RDS, GO-Global is easy to install, configure, and manage, but still delivers the sophisticated features found in more complex and expensive solutions, like third party and integrated load balancing and connection and session monitoring tools.

Applications deployed using GO-Global are typically more secure than when they are installed directly on an endpoint device. For ISVs that need strong security, GO-Global leverages the best available security technologies, like strong encryption and two-factor authentication, to provide a multi-layered security system that ensures data security and customer privacy. And GO-Global is the only application publisher to provide support for OpenID® Connect to enable single sign-on to Windows applications published by GO-Global, allowing users to sign in once to their identity provider using the authentication policies and credentials defined by that provider, and then access those Windows applications with just one click.

GO-Global’s low-cost, low-risk concurrent user pricing is available in monthly and annual licensing options. ISVs can pay only for what they use with a monthly plan based on the highest daily concurrent users count, or reduce the cost per concurrent user with an annual plan.