Bisleri Streamlines Operations with GO-Global

“GO-Global made it easy to publish our ERP and retain all existing features and functions…We also found that GO-Global’s efficient use of computing resources and RXP communications protocol enabled GO-Global to run smoothly even in remote areas with low-bandwidth connections.”

About Bisleri

With a legacy of over 50 years, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. has grown to become one of the largest premium beverage businesses in India, including Bisleri, the country’s largest-selling packaged drinking water. The company remains true to its core value of providing consumers with pure, safe, and healthy water, following a stringent process of 114 quality tests and a 10-stage purification to produce Bisleri water. Bisleri International has a strong presence with 128 operational plants and a robust distribution network of over 6,000 distributors across India and neighboring countries. For more information on Bisleri International, our people, brands, and OSR initiatives, visit

The Challenge

To help manage Bisleri’s growth, the company built a proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) Windows® application to plan and manage Bisleri’s unique day-to-day operations, including business-critical accounting and invoicing functions. The app was originally deployed as a local solution to the appropriate employees’ work machines, but as the company grew and opened regional branches and distributorships across India, the application that helped Bisleri to grow began to hold the company back.

Because the ERP was not web-based, collaboration between offices was difficult and hindered day-to-day operations. Each regional office had to report its results to the main office, which then consolidated the data, consuming time and manpower. Making timely, informed business decisions was hampered by the lack of up-to-the-minute, company-wide data. Adding new branches and users was difficult and time-consuming and hampered Bisleri’s ability to scale to meet demand. Additionally, as Bisleri grew and expanded across India, the company was unable to support employees working remotely.

Kuldeep Khandare, Bisleri’s IT Manager, led the effort to find a solution that would allow Bisleri to make their ERP application available from the web.

The Solution

Said Kuldeep, “We had a list of requirements for the solution. First, we wanted to move the app to the web without a rewrite, and we wanted to retain all of the ERP’s features, functions, and branding. Second, we wanted to be able to add users easily and quickly. Third, we wanted a solution that made highly efficient use of computing resources. Fourth, to support our expansion, we needed the solution to work well in areas without high-bandwidth connections. Finally, we wanted to keep our total cost of ownership low.”

Kuldeep smiled, “Yes. It was a long list.”

Bisleri worked with GO-Global® partner Adapt™ Software to evaluate Citrix®, Microsoft® RDS, and GO-Global. Kuldeep rejected Citrix and RDS for several reasons—both were complex and difficult to implement and manage, made inefficient use of precious computing resources, required high bandwidth to provide a good user experience, and were far more expensive than GO-Global.

Kuldeep stated, “GO-Global made it easy to publish our ERP and retain all existing features and functions, and it allowed us to present the Bisleri brand in the app rather than the Citrix or Microsoft brand. We also found that GO-Global’s efficient use of computing resources and RXP communications protocol enabled GO-Global to run smoothly even in remote areas with low-bandwidth connections.”

“We also appreciated the fact that GO-Global was priced far lower than either Citrix or RDS and used a concurrent user pricing model rather than Citrix and RDS’ per-user model. We knew GO-Global would deliver significant cost savings over Citrix and RDS and keep our total cost of ownership low as we grew.”

“Our GO-Global implementation has beena major success. Using GO-Global, Bisleri has been able to improve itsday-to-day operations, increase efficiency, and save costs.” - KuldeepKhandare, IT Manager, Bisleri

The Results

Implementing GO-Global went smoothly, and the web-based ERP was welcomed by Bisleri employees and executives. After implementation, employees continued to use the corporate ERP they already knew—except that instead of working locally, employees worked directly on the central ERP system hosted on a GO-Global server. The roll-out vastly improved day-to-day operations, allowing each branch to operate independently to manage their billing and accounting while giving the executive team accurate, timely data to better manage the overall business.

Kuldeep noted that, after implementation, GO-Global delivered additional benefits that were not fully realized during the evaluation and testing phase. “We found that several GO-Global features were especially critical due to having so many regional offices and distributorships. Two factor authentication gives us added security for those remote offices. And the session shadowing feature allows us to train and assist administrators remotely.”

Kuldeep continues, “GO-Global’s universal print driver allows users to print to local or network computers and is essential for our distributors. Additionally, GO-Global’s Windows Compatibility Assurance feature allows administrators to verify Windows updates before installation, ensuring compatibility and helping us to stay up and running.”

Last but not least, GO-Global allows Bisleri employees to work from anywhere with an internet connection, providing much-needed flexibility.

Kuldeep sums up the results this way: “Our GO-Global implementation has been a major success. Since we implemented GO-Global ten years ago, the technology has played a huge part in helping Bisleri improve its day-to-day operations, increase efficiency, and save costs. The solution has provided us with a scalable, secure, and easy-to-use remote access solution that has helped the company to remain competitive and maintain market share in today's fast-paced business environment.”

About GO-Global

GO-Global enables organizations to publish Windows applications from any public, private,or hybrid cloud, to any device that supports a browser. Using GO-Global, IT can deliver Windows applications at up to 40% less than Microsoft RDS and up to 70% less than VDI solutions from Citrix and VMware®. Despite its low cost, GO-Global delivers enterprise-level scalability but is easy to install, configure, and use, with considerably less technology overhead required for implementation.

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