Why GO-Global?

  • Save Time

    Install and configure in just 15 minutes on any Windows® PC or server, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

  • Integrate with Windows Apps

    Deploy Windows applications from a public, private, or hybrid cloud without costly rewrites. GO-Global’s extensive API offers remote control and configuration of GO-Global hosts, sessions, and user access. 

  • High Performance

    Ensure high-performance access via GO-Global’s proprietary RapidX Protocol (RXP), even over low-bandwidth connections.

  • Cross Platform

    Supports a vast array of devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS®, Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu™, iOS, and Android™. 

  • Save Money

    GO-Global® saves at least 40% in licensing costs versus solutions like Citrix®, VMware® Horizon®, and Microsoft® RDS.

  • Secure Access

    GO-Global’s multi-layer security system enables secure access with Two-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-On support, strong encryption, TLS with simple certificate configuration, and GO-Global’s closed-source protocol.

  • Multi-User

    Allows multiple end users to run Windows applications simultaneously and securely from virtually anywhere, on any device.

  • Pay for What You Use

    Pay only for what you use with a monthly cloud-based subscription or further reduce your cost per concurrent user with an annual plan paid up-front.