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Why GO-Global?

  • Save Time

    Install and configure in just 15 minutes on any Windows® PC or server, whether on-premises or in the cloud, leveraging a simple, easy-to-manage Concurrent User license model.

  • Cross Platform

    Supports a vast array of devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS®, Ubuntu, Linux computers, and mobile devices. 

  • High Performance

    Ensure high-performance access for thousands of simultaneous users via GO-Global’s proprietary RapidX Protocol (RXP), even over low-bandwidth connections.

  • Integrate with Windows Apps

    Deploy your software via the web without costly rewrites. GO-Global’s extensive API offers remote control and configuration of GO-Global hosts, sessions, and user access.

  • Save Money

    GO-Global saves at least 40% in licensing costs by enabling multi-user remote access to Windows applications independent of Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and Windows’ multi-session functionality.

  • Multi-User

    Allows multiple end users to run Windows applications simultaneously and securely from virtually anywhere, and on any device that can run a web browser.

  • Full Functionality

    Applications accessed using GO-Global retain 100% of their features, functions, and branding. Most end users never know that they are using GO-Global.

  • Secure Access

    Enable secure access with Two-Factor Authentication, strong encryption, SSL/TLS with simple certificate configuration, and GO-Global’s closed-source protocol.

Slide …GO-Global has helped us reduce cost and improve application performance. FAITEC CLOUD | IT and Managed Services | Brazil Fabio Santana – CEO Testimonial Logos Homepage Slide …GO-Global is secure, reliable, easy to install and maintain, and delivers a great user experience. We have also found it to be very cost-effective. VISURE SOLUTIONS Testimonial Logos Homepage Requirements Management ALM Software | USA Fernando Valera – CEO Slide We used to use Citrix XenApp to publish our cash automation platform but switched to GO-Global for its affordability and easy installation and management. CFORIA SOFTWARE | Cloud Software Provider | USA Testimonial Logos Homepage Brad Wentzel - Director, Security Slide GO-Global was fundamental to our growth and success as an Oracle Cloud Services provider. BEG CLOUD | Managed Service Provider | Brazil Testimonial Logos Homepage Guiherme Costa – CEO Slide GO-Global has delivered on 100% of our expectations, is easy for IT to manage, and provides my end users with a great experience - and no trauma. GRUPO R CAVALHO | Supermarket Chain | Brazil Julio Pires - IT Manager Testimonial Logos Homepage Slide We adopted GO-Global technology in 2019 after evaluating other solutions on the market and finding that GO-Global offers the best cost-benefit ratio. ARMAZEM DATA CENTER Gilson Pohl - Business Manager Testimonial Logos Homepage Data Center Warehouse | Brazil & USA