GO-Global and Oracle

The Oracle® Cloud/GO-Global® partnership was founded on the conviction that there was a better way for organizations to deliver Windows® applications to employees and customers from the cloud.

GO-Global and Oracle: Moving ISVs to OCI

The Oracle® Cloud/GO-Global® partnership was founded on the conviction that there was a better way for organizations to deliver Windows® applications to employees and customers from the cloud.

In 2016, Oracle launched their first Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) data center, with plans to build regional OCI data centers around the world. In 2018, as Oracle rolled out their Brazil OCI data center, the Oracle Cloud Engineering team in Brazil researched Windows app publishing and virtualization technologies to identify a cost-effective solution that would capitalize on OCI’s zero-trust, highly efficient architecture—and identified GO-Global as a partner for Windows application publishing solutions.

When the Brazil OCI data center went live, an enterprising Oracle solutions partner saw opportunity to utilize GO-Global and OCI to expand his business (more on this story below). His success inspired the Oracle team in Brazil to successfully leverage the approach in similar use cases, which in turn inspired GO-Global to become an Oracle partner in 2022—which motivated other Oracle teams to seek out GO-Global for similar engagements.

Here are a few case studies that illustrate the power of the Oracle/GO-Global solution:

Case Study #1 – Expanding Business Opportunities

BEG Support Informatica (BEG), an Oracle partner in Brazil, was looking for opportunities to expand its business, which was then focused on Oracle database development and support and system integration. The 2018 opening of the Brazil OCI data center, combined with a national shortage of IT staff, gave BEG an opening to build a managed service on OCI for small and medium businesses to replace the need for those companies to manage end user computing systems onsite.

Cost-effectiveness and speed to market was critical to BEG’s success. As an Oracle partner, BEG knew that OCI was built to be efficient and cost-effective; the only barrier to success was finding an economical, user-friendly approach to make Windows apps available from OCI. BEG tested Microsoft® RDS and concluded that RDS complexity, inefficient resource usage, and named user pricing would reduce their profit margins to nil.

Stymied, BEG reached out to Oracle, who recommended GO-Global. Results from a GO-Global/OCI proof of concept demonstrated that GO-Global used computing resources more efficiently than RDS and ran apps faster than RDS. Encouraged, BEG built and launched their Oracle Cloud service powered by GO-Global in just three months and has seen a gratifying and ongoing growth in that business.

Read BEG’s full story here.

Case Study #2 – Enabling Remote Worker Productivity

A large medical cooperative and health insurance company was challenged by its out-of-date IT infrastructure, its extensive footprint, and the exploding urgency of its mission as COVID swept across their country. The organization has over 380 branches and over 115,000 clinicians. Its proprietary Windows-based ERP, delivered from an on-premises data center, was used to manage the business but was available to less than 20% of its branches.

Saddled with an aging in-house infrastructure, and battling the ravages of COVID, the organization needed to aggressively build and roll out a new platform to make the ERP readily available to every branch, with great user performance, high efficiency, and robust security.

The company chose Oracle Cloud as their platform. Oracle chose GO-Global to enable efficient, high-performance delivery of the ERP.

Read the Oracle Reference Architecture paper here.

Case Study #3 – Swapping Bare Metal for VMs

A U.S.-based Windows ISV wanted to reduce the costs related to delivering their application to users located across the globe. The ISV was using Citrix to deliver their application and was frustrated by their escalating license costs given the fact that the ISV was using only 20% of Citrix’ feature set. Additionally, to get the high performance and real-time response their customers needed, the ISV was forced to deploy their application on bare metal servers, driving their app delivery costs up even further. Finally, the ISV required a zero-trust cloud architecture to protect customer data.  

The ISV turned to Oracle, who began working with the ISV to define the OCI infrastructure. To publish the application, the Oracle team looked for alternatives to Citrix in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, where they found GO-Global and quickly conducted a discovery phone call with the ISV and GO-Global. The following day the ISV infrastructure team downloaded a free GO-Global trial for testing—and never looked back.

OCI and GO-Global were able to fulfill every item on the ISV’s wish list. GO-Global delivered the features the ISV needed and none that they didn’t need. GO-Global utilized OCI’s extensive scalability and security capabilities to eliminate redundant technology, increase efficiency, and attain a zero-trust posture. To the ISV’s delight, the combination of OCI and GO-Global is so efficient that the ISV was able to move from bare-metal servers to OCI virtual machine servers and get better performance and flexibility at considerably less cost.

To learn more about GO-Global, request a demo here or download a free 30-day trial.

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