Scale Your User Base Economically

Choose GO-Global to save anywhere from 40% to 70% compared to solutions like Citrix and RDS.

GO-Global’s replacement of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services functionality eliminated licensing costs for BEG, providing us with a key competitive differentiator that has contributed to our success.”

Guilherme Costa

Owner/Director at BEG

Scaling Doesn’t Need to Come with Growing Costs

With remote access, unnecessary costs come from multiple directions. From licensing models to additional licenses, make sure you choose the virtualization solution that’s aligned with your needs.

Scaling Doesn’t Need to Come with Growing Costs - GO-GlobalClient Access Illustration - GO-Global
Pay for Actual Usage, Not Potential Usage Icon - GO-Global
Pay for Actual Usage, Not Potential Usage

With GO-Global, you only pay for your concurrent users, which significantly lowers your licensing costs compared to Citrix, VMware or Microsoft RDS. Easily add licenses as your users grow, while keeping costs aligned to what you consume.

Eradicate the Need for CALs Icon - GO-Global
Eradicate Unnecessary Licenses

Replace both remote desktop and Windows multi session functionality with GO-Global. Providing access to your cloud-deployed Windows application without ever needing to pay for unnecessary licenses.

Easier Management and Scalability Icon - GO-Global
Easier Management and Scalability

Choose your preferred cloud infrastructure and make full use of their existing services. Use GO-Global’s streamlined Admin Console to configure and manage app access and security.

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