GO-Global for Independent Software Vendors

Last Updated:
May 30, 2023

Would you like to save money and time delivering your Windows applications from the cloud?

Are you currently delivering your Windows® applications using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) or Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services (MS RDS)? If so, you’re probably paying for features you don’t need, spending too much money on VDI or RDS licenses, and utilizing too much of your IT team’s time to manage your application delivery infrastructure. If you want to deliver Windows applications to end users from the cloud, and want to do so easily and securely, at a lower cost than VDI or RDS, consider GO-Global. Here’s why.

Reduce Complexity

GO-Global® was designed to publish Windows applications easily and quickly from any cloud. It can be installed and configured in as little as 15 minutes. GO-Global leverages a cloud services’ existing infrastructure and security and scalability features to deliver similar functionality to RDS and VDI with less complexity.

For example, GO-Global works with cloud-based load balancers rather than providing alternative load balancing capabilities like RDS and VDI. And, unlike the more expensive products, ISVs can use GO-Global’s SDKs to tightly integrate GO-Global with their application and cloud infrastructure.

While GO-Global reduces infrastructure complexity, it still delivers enterprise-class features like integrated load balancing, third party load balancing support, and real-time host monitoring.

Reduce Risk

GO-Global leverages the best available security technologies to deliver a multi-layer security system that ensures data security and customer privacy beginning with its foundational proprietary connectivity protocol, GO-Global RXP. Because RXP is closed source, it offers additional defense against attackers, compared to open-source protocols such as Microsoft® RDP, where security weaknesses have been found and exploited. Out of the box, GO-Global disables all configuration options that enable sharing of server or client resources. Security-related functions can only be accessed from the Admin Console.

GO-Global enables strong encryption and TLS security by allowing admins to generate trusted TLS certificates for GO-Global Hosts from the Admin Console. And, GO-Global’s sandbox feature allows admins to tightly restrict process behavior and deliver a locked-down application to the end user.

To provide extra layers of security, GO-Global provides two-factor authentication and Single Sign-On Support for OpenID® Connect (OIDC), which enables organizations to use OIDC identity providers like Okta® and Microsoft® Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) for single sign-on into GO-Global Windows hosts.

Reduce Cost

Unlike RDS and VDI, GO-Global is priced by concurrent user, not named user, enabling ISVs to consume licenses more efficiently. ISVs switching to GO-Global can save up to 40% over RDS and up to 70% over VDI. GO-Global also offers monthly or annual payment plans for optimal flexibility.