Small and Medium Businesses

Affordable Enterprise-Class Application Publishing

Using GO-Global®, small and medium businesses can avoid the high cost and complexity of desktop and application virtualization technologies but get an enterprise-class Windows® application publishing solution at an affordable, low-risk price. GO-Global enables small and medium businesses to deliver Windows applications globally, on demand, from a public, private, or hybrid cloud, save at least 40% on application delivery costs over Citrix®, VMware® Horizon®, or Microsoft® RDS, and extend the life of existing Windows applications.

Unlike Citrix, VMware, and RDS, GO-Global is easy and inexpensive to install, configure and manage, and can be run on a Windows 10 PC rather than a server, but delivers enterprise-level features like integrated load balancing, third party load balancing support, and real-time host monitoring. Organizations can save additional time and money when deploying Windows applications from a web browser because GO-Global doesn’t require a separate web server to enable browser-based access to GO-Global hosts.

While GO-Global is an economical choice for remote application access, its proprietary RapidX Protocol (RXP) enables GO-Global to deliver high performance, even over low-bandwidth connections.

Small and medium businesses also get enterprise-class secure application access with GO-Global, including two-factor authentication and support for OpenID® Connect (a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol) to enable single sign-on to Windows applications published by GO-Global. Organizations that want to enable strong encryption and TLS security can do so without purchasing a certificate from a third-party Certificate Authority thanks to GO-Global’s ability to generate trusted TLS certificates for GO-Global Hosts.

In addition to being easy to install, manage, and use, GO-Global is easy to buy. Customers can choose a monthly plan, which requires no up-front commitment and is based on highest daily concurrent user count for the month; or the pre-paid annual plan, which discounts the coast per concurrent user over the monthly plan.