GO-Global vs Microsoft RDS

Last Updated:
June 26, 2023


Unlike products that wrap features around Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services (RDS), GO-Global provides full replacements for Microsoft’s multi session functionality and its Remote Desktop clients, display driver, protocol, internet gateway, and management tools, which can save at least 40% over other multi user remote access solutions. The chart below provides examples of the GO Global technology and Microsoft functionality it replaces.

GO-Global vs. RDS and RDS Add-On Vendors

Secure Access to Corporate Systems

Two-Factor Authentication

The pandemic driven surge in employees using RDP to connect from home to their work computers was accompanied by a surge in brute force attacks on RDP to gain entry to corporate systems. While some employees are returning to the office, many organizations are adopting flexible work policies that allow end users to work more from home, extending the risk for continued attacks. Unlike RDS/RDP, GO Global protects against brute force attacks with Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for end user logons.

Single Sign-On

Many organizations are adopting Single Sign On (SSO) to make it easier for employees to access the applications they need to do their job, while ensuring compliance with corporate security policies. Unfortunately, SSO has historically only been able to authenticate users to web applications, not Windows applications. Windows does not support logons without a password and as such does not support strong authentication through SSO to the logon module.

GO-Global enables IT and CISO organizations to allow end users to connect to Windows applications through SSO by providing support for OpenID® Connect (a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol) to enable single sign on to Windows applications published by GO-Global, allowing users to sign in once to their identity provider using the authentication policies and credentials defined by that provider, and then access those Windows applications with just one click.