Drive New Business with GO-Global

Last Updated:
May 8, 2024

Drive New Business with GO-Global

Are you a reseller or MSP seeking a solution that you can resell to complement your cloud-related business? Then read on!

VDI and RDS Alternative: Do you want to be able to offer Windows® ISVs an alternative to Citrix®, VMware Horizon®, or Microsoft® RDS to deliver their applications as SaaS?

Higher Margins: Would you like this alternative application delivery solution to save you 40 to 70% over Citrix, Horizon, and RDS?

Choose Your Cloud: Would you like this solution to work on any cloud—public, private, or hybrid—so you can choose the cloud that works best for you?

Use What You Already Own: Would you like to resell a solution that leverages your existing cloud service’s infrastructure and security and scalability features so you aren’t forced to buy and learn new technology?

Highly Efficient: Would you like this solution to be so efficient that you can grow user count by 60% without adding servers to your infrastructure like this GO-Global customer did?

Start Billing Faster: Would you like to be able to deliver results for your clients  months faster than when using Citrix, Horizon, or RDS?

Low Bandwidth is No Problem: Would you like this solution to utilize a low-bandwidth connectivity protocol that delivers a great user experience, even over low-bandwidth connections—effortlessly improving your customer’s satisfaction with your service?

Single Sign-On: Would you like to be able to offer your customers Single Sign-on for their Windows application logons—without purchasing an expensive, complex, and unwieldy solution that you will have to buy, install, and manage?

Better Pricing: Would you like to sell a product that’s priced by concurrent user (not named user)?


No-Surprise Partnership: Would you like to participate in a Partner Program that’s simple and straightforward, with no surprises and a very short list of requirements?

Up Front Training and Ongoing Support: Would you like to work with a company that provides comprehensive training and a full set of marketing materials (available in 8 languages) up-front, not “when your partner manager has time”?

Comprehensive Tech Support: Would you like to have access to multiple technical support resources, including detailed documentation and an extensive online knowledge base, technical notes, videos, and email guidance from GO-Global Support ?

Lead Sharing: Would you like to work with a company that provides you with legitimate leads—not just the ones that have been rejected by the company’s sales team?

Generous Program Discounts: Would you like a partner program that delivers favorable program discounts that get better as your seat count increases?

If you said “YES!” to any of these questions, consider GO-Global.

GO-Global publishes Windows applications from a server that’s installed in any public, private, or hybrid cloud. Applications published using GO-Global require far less IT implementation and management effort, and scale more economically than VDI and DaaS. And, GO-Global will leverage any cloud services’ existing infrastructure and security and scalability features to deliver advanced functionality with less complexity, lower cost, and more sustainability.

Despite its low cost, GO-Global delivers enterprise-level scalability but is easy to install, configure, and use, and provides a great user experience, including fast logins and minimal latency, even over low-bandwidth connections.

Unlike some in the industry, GO-Global values its partners and demonstrates its regard with straightforward, timely communication, clearly-stated objectives and expectations, and no surprises.

For more information about GO-Global’s partner program, click here; to complete the partner application, click here; to schedule a meeting, click here.

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