How To: Request Support

GO-Global technical support is available from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (EST), Monday through Friday (USA holidays excluded). Most support cases can be handled through email—your Support rep may request a video call to expedite the process.

Published on:
Sep 12, 2023
Last updated on:
Feb 1, 2023
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NOTE: If you purchased your licenses through a GO-Global partner, please initiate your support request through that partner. If you purchased your licenses directly from GO-Global, please initiate support requests directly to us using the steps below.

Who is Eligible for Technical Support?

Customers using legacy GO-Global perpetual licenses must have an active support contract for the license(s) for which they are requesting support. In order to receive support for licenses with expired support contracts, customers can renew support for the license(s) in question. To reinstate support, customers can contact or their GO-Global partner.

Customers using subscription licenses are eligible for support for the entire term of the subscription.

Prerequisites for Requesting Support

GO-Global Support Request Wizard archive. The GO-Global Support Request Wizard collects system configuration information and log files from a GO-Global Host and stores the information in a .zip archive. This archive is mandatory for all support requests. The instructions for creating and submitting the Support Request Wizard file are in Step 2 below.

Here's how to submit your request:

1. Add to your authorized email list.

2. This step is mandatory. Run the GO-Global Support Request Wizard to generate a zipped archive for analysis by GraphOn Technical Support.

A. From the GO-Global Admin Console, click Help > Support Request Wizard OR

B. From the Start menu, click Programs > GraphOn GO-Global > Support Request Wizard

C. The Support Request Wizard will generate a .zip file on the host desktop

3. Prepare an email to send to using the following formatting:

Email subject line: Distributor/Reseller Name and/or Customer or Prospect Company Name: Brief description of the problem

a. Example subject line: Tech Partners/Acme Corp: Application Publishing Service does not start

b. The email subject line information will automatically be added to your support case

The email sender will automatically receive updates and correspondence related to the support request

CC field: Include email addresses for everyone who should receive updates in the support request.

Email body copy: include a description of the problem and the steps the GO-Global technical support rep will need to take to reproduce the problem. If it’s relevant to the issue, please include the username, time, and date when the issue occurred.

4. Attach the GO-Global Support Request Wizard .zip file to the support request email.

5. Send the email to You will receive an email autoreply from GraphOn Technical Support within a few minutes.

6. Send all email correspondence (replies and new emails) regarding your support request to using the complete subject line from the Support reply email, including the [bracketed] portion of the email.

A. Including the [bracketed] portion of the subject line will ensure that the people you cc’d on the email will receive all emails in the exchange; it will also update our service request management system.