How To: GO-Global File and URL Redirection

In this video, you’ll see a demonstration of GO-Global File and URL Redirection, which makes end users more efficient and streamlines their workflow when using Windows applications published by GO-Global. URL Redirection allows end users to click web links that open in the default browser on the client rather than the default browser on the host, so end users can efficiently access web content and videos running in GO-Global sessions. File Open Redirection streamlines workflow by allowing end users to open specified file types in applications running on the client. Administrators can enable the feature for select file types (e.g. XLSX, PDF, DOCX, etc.) so that when a user attempts to access a file of that type from a host application that does not directly support it—for example, when opening an Excel file from Outlook—the file will instead be opened on the client with the relevant client application (e.g. Excel).

Published on:
Sep 12, 2023
Last updated on:
Feb 1, 2023
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