GO-Global Tech Spec Sheet

GraphOn® GO-Global® enables IT to securely deliver Windows® applications anywhere, on demand, from a public, private, or hybrid cloud, to any device that supports a browser.

Published on:
Sep 12, 2023
Last updated on:
May 31, 2023
Table of contents

GraphOn® GO-Global® enables IT to securely deliver Windows® applications anywhere, on demand, from a public, private, or hybrid cloud, to any device that supports a browser. GO-Global replaces Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services with proprietary technology to deliver multi-user remote access that’s easier to manage and up to 40% cheaper than other solutions. When deployed on cloud services like Amazon Web Services®, Windows Azure®, and Oracle™ Cloud Infrastructure, GO-Global leverages their existing infrastructure and security and scalability features to deliver similar functionality with less complexity and savings of up to 70% over more expensive products like Citrix® and VMware® Horizon®.

Simplify Remote Access Management

• Third-party load balancer support allows administrators to centrally manage hosts and sessions that are accessed via third-party load balancers and allows end users who connect to GO-Global Hosts via third-party load balancers to disconnect from their sessions and reconnect to them later.

• Integrated load balancing distributes end user workloads across a cluster of hosts, preventing hosts from becoming overloaded and allowing end users to disconnect from their sessions and reconnect to them later.

• Connection monitoring tools allow administrators to monitor the latency and input and output rates of connections to the host.

• Session monitoring tools allow administrators to control how long sessions can run, remain connected when idle, and remain running after end users disconnect.

• Easily monitor individual hosts in real-time, with control of individual clients and processes, and logout and shutdown for individual end users.

Application publishing provides support for application command-line configuration options.

• Simplify browser-based access by allowing browsers to download the GO-Global Web App and associated HTML files directly from the Application Publishing Service (APS) without the use of a separate web server like Microsoft® Internet Information Services (IIS).

• Create custom toolbar buttons and menus for Windows applications accessed from a mobile device.

• Session shadowing allows administrators to connect to end users’ sessions to provide training and assistance without any direct action from the user.

Optimize End User Efficiency

• Users get high-performance access via GO-Global’s proprietary RXP protocol, even over low-bandwidth connections.

• Personalize Windows applications on most end user devices, including iOS and Android™ mobile devices, using your company’s corporate images, logo, and names on end user interface elements (e.g., Sign In Dialog, Program Window, etc.).

• Allow end users to easily run Windows applications in web browsers on any device using the zero-install HTML5 and JavaScript GO-Global Web App. Streamline user workflow and reduce confusion by allowing end users to open files on the client in applications running on the host and to open specified file types in applications running on the client even when the host application doesn’t directly support that file type—for example, opening an Excel® spreadsheet in Outlook®.

• Enable end users to efficiently access web content and videos running in GO-Global sessions with URL Redirection, which opens web links in the default browser on the client rather than the default browser on the host.

• End users can start a GO-Global session without having to sign in to the host and re-enter their user name and password and can automatically reconnect to GO-Global sessions following temporary network interruptions.

• GO-Global sessions run in the time zone of the client computer, regardless of the time zone that is selected on the host.

• GO-Global supports left-to-right and right-to-left languages and allows end users to switch languages as needed.

Ensure a Great End User Experience

• Allow end users to arrange the windows of both local and remote applications, seamlessly and transparently, on their computer’s desktop, and across multiple monitors.

• DPI Scaling displays remote applications at the same resolution as local applications, even when the device has a high-resolution display.

• End users can print to local or network printers using Windows printer drivers or GraphOn’s unique Universal Printer Driver.

• Client Clipboard allows end users to copy and paste data between local and remote applications.

• GO-Global’s Dynamic Display Resize automatically adjusts the size of the session’s desktop when the end user reconnects to the session from a different device, or changes the resolution of the client device, or resizes the browser in which the session is running.

•  Client File Access allows end users to open and save files on their local hard drive if permitted by the administrator.

• Client Audio allows end users to listen to audio from their remote applications.

• Video Replay enables applications and browsers running in GO-Global sessions to replay video content on GO-Global clients.

• With GO-Global’s Mobile Sense Technology, Windows applications accessed from mobile devices behave and respond more like mobile apps. Administrators can also create custom toolbars to enhance the end user’s mobile experience.

Secure Windows Application Access

• Generate trusted TLS certificates for GO-Global hosts to enable strong encryption and TLS security without purchasing a certificate from a third-party Certificate Authority with GO-Global’s Strong Encryption Certificate Wizard.

• Get an extra layer of security using Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) which requires end users to enter a 6-digit code from an authenticator app on a smart phone, in addition to their username and password.

• Use your existing single sign-on solution to enable users to access Windows applications published by GO-Global with one click while enforcing the authentication the organization wants.

• Provide secure access to hosts on internal networks from the internet without opening any ports on the DMZ’s internal firewall.

• Support for proxy server tunneling (aka HTTP Connect) to allow end users accessing the internet via a web proxy server to connect to GO-Global Hosts on the internet.

• Customize end user environments by running global and end user-specific logon scripts within the end user’s security context each time the end user is authenticated.

• Enhance network security and improve the user experience by disabling Standard authentication and enabling Integrated Windows authentication.

• Administrators using GO-Global can use Third-Party Virtual Private Networking (VPN) software to automatically encrypt GO-Global’s proprietary RapidX Protocol (RXP) from the client device to GO-Global Hosts.