GO-Global Overview

GraphOn® GO-Global® enables IT to securely deliver Windows® applications anywhere, on demand, from a public, private, or hybrid cloud, to any device that supports a browser.

Published on:
Sep 12, 2023
Last updated on:
May 31, 2023
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GraphOn® GO-Global® enables IT to securely deliver Windows® applications anywhere, on demand, from a public, private, that supports a browser. GO-Global replaces Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services with proprietary technology to deliver multi-user remote access that’s easier to manage and up to 40% cheaper than other solutions. When deployed on cloud services like Amazon Web Services®, Windows Azure®, and Oracle™ Cloud Infrastructure, GO-Global leverages their existing infrastructure and security and scalability features to deliver similar functionality with less complexity and savings of up to 70% over more expensive products like Citrix® and VMware® Horizon®.

Simple, Secure Application Publishing

Publish applications, configure options, and manage sessions on a single PC or a cluster of servers securely, simply, and quickly.

• Secure Windows applications on the client with strong encryption and TLS security protocols.

• Enable two-factor authentication for end user logons, rendering brute force attacks useless.

• Use your existing single sign-on solution to enable users to access Windows applications published by GO-Global with one click.

• Provide multi-user remote access to Windows applications while running independently of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) license controls and Windows’ multi-session functionality.

• Manage and optimize the end user experience with real-time host monitoring and connection and session monitoring tools.

• Customize your end user interface (Sign In Dialog, Program Window, etc.) with your corporate logo, names, and images.

• Make more efficient use of available resources with integrated load balancing capabilities, including hosts and sessions behind third-party load balancers.

“ GO-Global is secure, reliable, easy to install and maintain, and delivers a great user experience. We have also found it to be very cost-effective.” —FERNANDO VALERA, CTO, Visure Solutions

Optimized End User Experience

• Enable end users to run Windows® applications on Windows, macOS®, and Linux computers and iOS and Android mobile devices securely and simultaneously.

• Deliver high-performance access, even over low-bandwidth connections.

• Ensure that Windows applications retain 100% of features, functions, and branding and appear to be running locally.

• Reduce lost password helpdesk calls with single sign-on support for Windows applications published by GO-Global.

• Efficiently access web, audio, and video content running in GO-Global sessions.

• Allow users to easily print to local or network printers.

• Allow end users to automatically reconnect to GO-Global sessions following temporary network disruptions.

• Connect to end user sessions to provide training and assistance.