How It Works

GO-Global Publishes Applications Without RDS

GO-Global enables multi-user remote access to Microsoft® Windows® applications without using either Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or the multi-session kernel functionality built into Windows. Unlike products that wrap features around RDS, GO-Global provides full replacements for Microsoft’s multi-session functionality and its Remote Desktop clients, display driver, protocol, internet gateway, and management tools. GO-Global’s unique architecture eliminates the need for RDS components to be installed on Windows desktops or servers.

GO-Global also delivers end user logon security with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect against the proliferation of brute force attacks that organizations using RDS are experiencing due to the increase in workers accessing corporate systems remotely.

In short, GO-Global is a complete virtual application delivery and remote desktop solution, for both Windows desktops and servers, using 100% GraphOn technology with no dependence on the features or architecture used by other vendors.

Starting GO-Global-Published Applications

When accessing Windows applications published via the GO-Global Web App, end users simply click the application link in their browser window. The browser connects to a web server and runs the GO-Global Web App. Administrators specify how the application opens; for example, whether the application fills the browser window or displays inside the browser alongside other content. Administrators can also direct the application to load a specific document or display a specific image or form when the user clicks the application link.

If the GO-Global App is installed on the client device, the application can run outside the browser window as if it were running locally and can access local files and devices.

GO-Global Published Application Architecture

After starting up, the GO-Global Web App opens a WebSocket connection to the application publishing service (APS) on the host. The APS creates the user session by calling the GO-Global System Extensions Driver (GGSE), which loads the Win32 subsystem, the GO-Global Virtual Display Driver, and the session-specific drivers. The APS then starts the session’s logon.exe process and the application requested when the end user clicked on the browser link.

As the end user works in the published application, the application calls Windows OS modules (e.g., GDI32, User32, etc.) to perform various functions. GO-Global directs those calls to that session’s instance of the Win32 subsystem. For graphics-related functions, for example, the Win32 subsystem will send graphics commands to the GO-Global Virtual Display Driver, which runs in the session’s logon.exe process. The GO-Global Virtual Display Driver converts the graphics commands to GO-Global’s RapidX Protocol (RXP) requests, queues the requests, and sends them via the APS to the GO-Global Web App, which executes the RXP commands and displays the session’s applications in the browser.

GO-Global technology includes extensions and enhancements to the Windows Operating System that were developed by some of the best Windows internal experts in the world. Additionally, the GO-Global graphics engine and protocol were developed by early leaders in Windows graphics applications and remote access and have been refined at GraphOn over the last 20 years by those individuals.

Published Application APIs, SDKs, and Integration

GO-Global’s extensive APIs enable Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Hosted Service Providers (HSPs), and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to extend GO-Global’s functionality and the functionality of their products and services. For example, using GO-Global’s APIs, customers can programmatically manage GO-Global hosts and sessions, and they can develop features that enable host-side applications to interact with client-side applications and peripherals.

Windows Version Compatibility

GO-Global is continually updated for compatibility with all current versions of Windows desktop and Windows Server®. To ensure GO-Global customers do not experience interruptions, GO-Global’s Windows Compatibility Assurance feature automatically defers installation of Windows Updates until they have been verified as compatible.


Slide …GO-Global has helped us reduce cost and improve application performance. FAITEC CLOUD | IT and Managed Services | Brazil Fabio Santana – CEO Testimonial Logos Homepage Slide …GO-Global is secure, reliable, easy to install and maintain, and delivers a great user experience. We have also found it to be very cost-effective. VISURE SOLUTIONS Testimonial Logos Homepage Requirements Management ALM Software | USA Fernando Valera – CEO Slide We used to use Citrix XenApp to publish our cash automation platform but switched to GO-Global for its affordability and easy installation and management. CFORIA SOFTWARE | Cloud Software Provider | USA Testimonial Logos Homepage Brad Wentzel - Director, Security Slide GO-Global was fundamental to our growth and success as an Oracle Cloud Services provider. BEG CLOUD | Managed Service Provider | Brazil Testimonial Logos Homepage Guiherme Costa – CEO Slide GO-Global has delivered on 100% of our expectations, is easy for IT to manage, and provides my end users with a great experience - and no trauma. GRUPO R CAVALHO | Supermarket Chain | Brazil Julio Pires - IT Manager Testimonial Logos Homepage Slide We adopted GO-Global technology in 2019 after evaluating other solutions on the market and finding that GO-Global offers the best cost-benefit ratio. ARMAZEM DATA CENTER Gilson Pohl - Business Manager Testimonial Logos Homepage Data Center Warehouse | Brazil & USA