My Favorite Feature - Hotello

Published on:
February 17, 2023

My Favorite Feature – Hotello

Rafik Berzi, founder and CTO at Hotello, has a long list of favorite GO-Global features. “GO-Global has matured so much over the last few years, it’s hard to pick just one favorite feature!”

Rafik narrowed down his Favorites list to a few features. One that made Rafik’s final list is Farm Manager, which was introduced in v6.1, with enhancements in v 6.2.

Rafik says, “The new Farm Manager configuration and the load balancing capability is really great and has been very helpful for us. One example is that some of our larger hotel chain customers want an authorized employee (like an accountant or manager) to be able to access each hotel system in the chain.”

Rafik continues, “Before Farm Manager was available, we would designate one Application Host server for each hotel in the chain and provide the authorized employee with a password they could use on every host so they could review records for every hotel in the chain. It was challenging to accommodate these requests from a security perspective, and if other hotel staff members were utilizing all available seats on a specific host, the authorized employee may not be able to log in to view that hotel’s records.”

“Now, with Farm Manager and load balancing, we just move customers requesting this scenario to their own farm, designate redundant servers, and let the load balancing feature do its work. Users can always login. Problem solved!”

To learn more about Farm Manager, please refer to Chapter VII– Load Balancing in the GO-Global Administrator Guide.