My Favorite Feature - ACS Technologies

Published on:
January 14, 2023

We asked Stacy Kennedy from ACS Technologies to name his favorite feature. He immediately said “Session Reconnect! That feature has significantly reduced calls to our helpdesk. It’s GREAT.”

When asked to elaborate, Stacy explained. “A lot of our users are non-technical. Before Session Reconnect, if they were using ACS OnDemand and had an unexpected network outage, their session would suddenly end. Many users would assume there was a problem with the software and call the helpdesk.”

Stacy continued, “With Session Reconnect, when the user’s network connection is re-established, their GO-Global® session is still running. That’s usually within a minute or two—fast enough that the user just resumes using the software—and doesn’t call the helpdesk.”

The Session Reconnect feature, introduced in GO-Global 6.1, allows user sessions to be maintained on a GO-Global Host without a client connection. If the client’s connection to the host is lost, intentionally or unintentionally, the user’s session and applications remain running on the GO-Global Host for the length of the session timeout specified in the Admin Console. Session Reconnect allows users to return to their GO-Global session in the exact state they left it after authenticating using the normal login procedure.

With Session Reconnect, GO-Global administrators can control how long client sessions and applications remain running on the GO-Global Host using the Admin Console’s Host Options dialog. You can set sessions to terminate immediately when the client disconnects or after a number of minutes you specify. You can also use Never (the default setting) which terminates sessions only when a user manually closes all applications running within a session or when an administrator manually terminates a session from the Admin Console. To learn more about Session Reconnect, please refer to Chapter VI - Admin Console in the GO-Global Administrator Guide.