Subscription vs. Perpetual Licenses

Last Updated:
April 11, 2024

Did you know that GO-Global® can be purchased as a subscription? Unlike perpetual licenses, where a customer buys the software outright and pays an annual support fee, GO-Global subscriptions are priced on a monthly or annual basis to optimize flexibility, with support included in the subscription cost.

GO-Global’s subscription licensing’s low upfront cost makes it easier and cheaper to start and grow an implementation. Also, subscription licensing is considered an operating cost rather than a capital expenditure, which gives IT teams more budgeting flexibility.

Subscriptions also make it really easy to manage your GO-Global licenses, and you never have to worry about tracking and paying for support renewals. Subscriptions are available for on-premises and cloud-delivered licenses.

Our subscription program came about at the request of several new and existing GO-Global customers. Our new customers are buying all their software as subscriptions, and they wanted to manage their GO-Global licenses the same way as they do for all the other software they buy.

Existing GO-Global customers that made the move to subscriptions did so because they were tired of tracking renewals and wanted to make sure that their entire GO-Global implementation was fully supported at all times. Some perpetual license customers with on-premises implementations found that as they grew, adding new perpetual licenses became burdensome and time-consuming. Other perpetual license customers that wanted to move to a public cloud decided to make the switch to subscription cloud licenses to improve financial alignment and make their lives easier.

One of our larger customers who had implemented GO-Global perpetual licenses on-premises years ago decided to move to subscription cloud licenses after signing a large new client on a Friday who wanted to start their service the following Monday! They worked most of the weekend to get that new customer on-boarded, and the CEO told me,

“Never again! Using cloud subscription licenses means that we can quickly add new licenses, application hosts, and move licenses to a new server without notifying GO-Global Support. It’s much easier to run the business this way!”

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