GO-Global for Managed Service Providers

Last Updated:
May 30, 2023

Would you like to reduce the complexity and cost of delivering Windows applications to your customers?

Are you currently using Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services (MS RDS) or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to deliver Windows® applications to your customers? If your answer is “yes”, you’re probably spending too much time managing your remote application access solution—and you’re probably paying too much for it, too. If you just want to deliver Windows applications—not full desktops—to end users, and want to do so easily, quickly, and cost-effectively, use GraphOn GO-Global. Here’s why GO-Global works for MSPs.

It’s not RDS or VDI

GO-Global® is an application publishing solution that enables reliable, secure, multi-user access to Windows applications from any location, device, and operating system. It’s highly scalable like MS RDS and VDI, but is easy to install, manage, and support, with a much lower cost of ownership because you are not providing an entire virtual desktop VM or RDS instance for every user.

Because GO-Global provides full replacements for Microsoft’s multi-session functionality and its Remote Desktop clients, display driver, protocol, internet gateway, and management tools, it does not require MS RDS to be licensed and installed to provide secure multi-user access to Windows applications, eliminating the need to buy MS RDS or CALs licenses, even for cloud-hosted applications.

And, unlike VDI products or MS RDS, GO-Global can be installed and configured in as little as 15 minutes, and delivers enterprise-class performance, even over low-bandwidth connections.

Take Full Advantage of Existing Cloud Infrastructure

When deployed on cloud services like Amazon Web Services® (AWS), Windows® Azure®, and Oracle™ Cloud Infrastructure, MS RDS and VDI products duplicate the infrastructure components and security and scalability features already provided by those cloud services. In contrast, GO-Global leverages a cloud services’ existing infrastructure and security and scalability features to deliver similar functionality with less complexity and lower cost.

For example, GO-Global’s support for OpenID® Connect gives Managed Service Providers (MSPs) the option to offload authentication and user management to their customers, eliminating the need for the user management features provided by more expensive products. GO-Global also works with cloud-based load balancers rather than providing alternatives like more expensive products do. And, unlike the more expensive products, customers can use GO-Global’s SDKs to tightly integrate GO-Global with their applications and cloud infrastructure.

"GO-Global is the best product to take legacy client server applications to the cloud or any centralized environment and is fundamental to FAITEC’s success as a cloud service provider. We specialize in services for the hotel industry but serve other segments as well, and for all of our customers GO-Global has helped us reduce cost and improve application performance." — FABIO SANTANA, CEO of FAITEC Technologica

Maximize Flexibility, Minimize Commitment

Unlike RDS and VDI, GO-Global licensing is based on concurrent users so you can efficiently consume licenses. Traditionally, when organizations purchase subscriptions, they opt to pay up-front for the subscription licenses they estimate they’ll need for a year.

In contrast, GO-Global’s pay-as-you-go plan calculates your high-point concurrent user license usage for the month, and invoices based on actual usage, with no up-front commitment.