Do You Really Need RDS?

Last Updated:
April 11, 2024

Do You Really Need RDS?

Tired of the complexity and cost of RDS? Switch to GO-Global.

Are you using Microsoft® Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to provide Windows® applications to remote users? Are you tired of the complexity and cost of delivering Windows applications using RDS? Do you worry about the security of your RDS infrastructure? Has managing remote users in RDS become a nightmare?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of the above questions? Then you should consider switching to GO-Global for multi-user access to business-critical Windows applications. Here’s why.

GO-Global provides full replacements for Microsoft RDS Functionality

...including Remote Desktop clients, display driver, protocol, internet gateway, and management tools (see the chart on page 2 for more detail). GO-Global is a turnkey solution with a unique architecture that eliminates the need for RDS components to be installed on Windows desktops or servers, is easy to deploy, and reduces complexity in multi-user environments.

GO-Global lets users access Windows applications

...from any device that supports a browser, including macOS®, iOS, Android™, and Linux devices. Users can use GO-Global’s zero-install HTML5 client, or GO-Global can guide them through downloading and installing GO-Global’s native AppController client for their device.

GO-Global saves up to 40% over Microsoft RDS implementations

Since GO-Global is priced by concurrent user, not named user, it enables you to pay only for product licenses you use, drastically reducing the total number of licenses needed. GO-Global also realizes you savings by providing full replacements for Microsoft RDS, its Windows GUI-hosting functionality, and Windows Server’s multi-session functionality.

GO-Global is easy to install, configure, and manage.

You can install GO-Global in as little as 15 minutes and manage every user with one simple-to-use admin console.

GO-Global’s integrated load balancing capabilities simplify end user workload distribution across multiple hosts.

If your environment requires third-party load balancers, GO-Global provides third-party load balancer support, too.

GO-Global provides Two-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On capabilities that are baked-in, not bolted-on.

GO-Global is the only remote access solution for Windows applications that enables single sign-on directly into Windows applications using virtually any identity management solution.

Despite its low cost, GO-Global delivers enterprise-level scalability but is easy to install, configure, and use, with considerably less technology overhead required for implementation and provides a great customer experience, including fast logins and minimal latency, even over low-bandwidth connections. And GO-Global’s Universal Print Driver eliminates printing issues, so customers can print documents without resorting to inconvenient workarounds.

To learn more, request a demo here or download a free 30-day trial.