Deliver and Use Windows Applications Anywhere

Enabling Remote Application Access

Organizations of every size and type rely on Windows® applications to perform mission-critical business functions. While Windows applications provide rich, hard-to-replace functionality, they lack the accessibility of web-based and mobile apps because they must be installed and run on each end user’s computer, making them challenging and costly to manage and support.

Organizations that depend on Windows applications rely on GO-Global for reliable, secure, easy-to-manage end user access to Windows applications from any location, device, and operating system. Using GO-Global, organizations of every type and size get the scalability and performance of multi-user products with the easy management of remote PC access products. When using GO-Global for remote application access, multiple end users can securely and simultaneously run a Windows application installed on a single computer from virtually anywhere, using mobile devices and Windows, macOS®, and Linux computers.

In addition to organizations that want to provide employees with access to Windows applications, GO-Global enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Hosting Service Providers (HSPs), and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to seamlessly integrate secure multi-user, remote access functionality into their Windows applications.

Organizations using GO-Global to enable remote application access reduce administration and hardware costs and increase efficiency, lowering IT’s total cost of ownership while allowing end users to run mission-critical applications from anywhere without loss of application features, functions, or branding.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Simple, easy to manage Concurrent User License Model provides complete app publishing functionality, security, admin tools, and universal print driver in one license.
  • Install and configure in just 15 minutes on any Windows PC or Server in your office or datacenter, or in the cloud.
  • Provide multi-user remote Windows application access without using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or Windows’ multi-session functionality.  
  • Make more efficient use of available resources with integrated load balancing capabilities, including hosts and sessions behind third party load balancers.
  • Customize your end user interface (Sign In Dialog, Program Window, etc.) with your corporate logo, names, and images.

Simplify Multi-User Windows Application Publishing and Management

  • Publish applications, configure options, and manage sessions on a single PC or a cluster of servers securely, simply, and quickly.
  • Easily monitor latency and the input and output rates of connections to the host.
  • Automatically defer installation of Windows Updates until they have been verified as compatible with GO-Global.
  • Control how long user sessions can run, how long sessions remain connected when idle, and how long sessions remain running after end users disconnect.
  • Monitor individual hosts in real time, with control of individual clients and processes, and logout and shutdown for individual end users.

Provide Secure, Flexible Access

  • Provide Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for end user logons, protecting against stolen passwords and brute force attacks against corporate systems.
  • Secure Windows applications on the client with strong encryption and SSL/TLS security protocols using simple certificate configuration.
  • Enable secure remote access to hosts on internal networks from the internet without opening any ports on the DMZ’s internal firewall.
  • RapidX Protocol (RXP), GO-Global’s proprietary, low-bandwidth protocol for connectivity over serial lines, is closed source, offering additional defense against attackers.
  • Extend your existing VPN environment to support GO-Global session traffic from remote end users for additional security.
  • Permit end users accessing the internet via a web proxy server (aka HTTP Connect) to connect to GO-Global Hosts on the internet.
  • Streamline workflow by allowing end users to open specified file types in applications running on the client.
  • Enable end users to efficiently access web content and videos running in GO-Global sessions by opening web links on the client’s browser.
  • Allow end users to open and save files on their local hard drive.

Eliminate Remote End User Issues

  • Manage and control the end user experience with real-time host monitoring and connection and session monitoring tools.
  • Extensive client device support, including mobile devices and Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.
  • Provide high-performance access via GO-Global’s proprietary RapidX Protocol (RXP), even over low-bandwidth connections.
  • Let end users automatically reconnect to sessions following temporary network disruptions.
  • Listen to audio and efficiently access web content and videos running in GO-Global sessions.
  • Allow end users to easily print to local or network printers.
  • Enable Windows and Mac end users to move the windows of remote applications onto multiple monitors.
  • Allow end users to arrange the windows of remote and local applications together on their desktop.



Slide …GO-Global has helped us reduce cost and improve application performance. FAITEC CLOUD | IT and Managed Services | Brazil Fabio Santana – CEO Testimonial Logos Homepage Slide …GO-Global is secure, reliable, easy to install and maintain, and delivers a great user experience. We have also found it to be very cost-effective. VISURE SOLUTIONS Testimonial Logos Homepage Requirements Management ALM Software | USA Fernando Valera – CEO Slide We used to use Citrix XenApp to publish our cash automation platform but switched to GO-Global for its affordability and easy installation and management. CFORIA SOFTWARE | Cloud Software Provider | USA Testimonial Logos Homepage Brad Wentzel - Director, Security Slide GO-Global was fundamental to our growth and success as an Oracle Cloud Services provider. BEG CLOUD | Managed Service Provider | Brazil Testimonial Logos Homepage Guiherme Costa – CEO Slide GO-Global has delivered on 100% of our expectations, is easy for IT to manage, and provides my end users with a great experience - and no trauma. GRUPO R CAVALHO | Supermarket Chain | Brazil Julio Pires - IT Manager Testimonial Logos Homepage Slide We adopted GO-Global technology in 2019 after evaluating other solutions on the market and finding that GO-Global offers the best cost-benefit ratio. ARMAZEM DATA CENTER Gilson Pohl - Business Manager Testimonial Logos Homepage Data Center Warehouse | Brazil & USA