About GraphOn

Enabling Multi-User Access to Windows Applications

Founded in 1999, GraphOn is headquartered in Concord, New Hampshire, USA. GraphOn created GO-Global to enable reliable, secure, multi-user access to Windows® applications from any location, device, and operating system. GraphOn GO-Global combines the scalability and performance of multi-user application publishing products with the easy management of remote PC access products, reducing administration and hardware costs, increasing end-user efficiency, and lowering total cost of ownership. Unlike solutions from Citrix®, VMware® and Microsoft®, GO-Global can be installed and configured in 15 minutes on Windows PCs or servers.

GO-Global is used by thousands of customers ranging from small businesses to enterprise companies located in nearly every country in the world. GraphOn partners with resellers and system integrators in local markets to sell and support its solutions and with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Hosting Service Providers (HSPs), who integrate GO-Global in their respective infrastructures to deliver applications to end users. For more information, visit www.graphon.com.

Our Mission

At GraphOn, we help businesses of every size, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Hosted Service Providers (HSPs) leverage and extend the significant investments they have made in mission-critical Windows® applications. 

Our Employees

GraphOn employees primary focus is delivering Windows® application multi-user access technology. Over 80% of our staff is dedicated to product development and technical support services. Most of our employees have been with the company for 15 years or more. Our focus, dedication, and longevity enable us to deliver ongoing product improvements and enhancements without compromising stability, continuity, or quality.

Our Partners

We rely on channel partners to sell GO-Global and provide level 1 support. Our software is in use in almost every country in the world, so we rely on in-region channel partners who have a deep understanding of business and technology needs for the organizations in their geographical area. Over 95% of our revenue is generated by channel partners, many of which have been GraphOn partners for close to two decades.