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“GO-Global is the best product to take legacy client server applications to the cloud or any centralized environment and is fundamental to FAITEC’s success as a cloud service provider. We specialize in services for the hotel industry but serve other segments as well, and for all of our customers GO-Global has helped us reduce cost and improve application performance.”

Fabio Santana – CEO

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“GO-Global was fundamental to our growth and success as an Oracle Cloud Services provider. In addition to great performance and easy management, GO-Global and GO-Global partner Centric have provided timely and expert support to keep BEG cloud services up and running. And, GO-Global’s replacement of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services functionality eliminated licensing costs for BEG, providing us with a key competitive differentiator that has contributed to our success.”

Guiherme Costa – CEO

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“We use GO-Global to deliver published applications to over 80 companies in Brazil. GO-Global has a low cost of implementation and provides our customers with high levels of quality, performance, and satisfaction.”

Renato Zardo – CIO

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“The Armazem Data Center is a 100% Brazilian cloud computing company. We adopted GO-Global technology in 2019 after evaluating other solutions on the market and finding that GO-Global offers the best cost-benefit ratio. Thanks to Elosoft’s training and support, and GO-Global’s ease of use, our customers are consistently successful when publishing Microsoft applications using GO-Global. We know our partnership with Elosoft and GO-Global will help us continue our growth and success as we launch our newest Tier-3 certified physical location in December 2020, in Joinville, SC.”

Gilson Pohl – Business Manager

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Independent Software Vendors


“GO-Global has enabled us to deploy our highly robust time and attendance platform via the web without costly, time-consuming code rewrites. Service has been excellent. Downtime non-existent.”


Jamie Smith – Owner

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“Uniface partners with GraphOn to offer a thin client deployment option for applications developed using the Uniface development environment. GO-Global, branded as Uniface Anywhere, provides our customers with a simple and scalable route to manage their enterprise deployments, increase the life of legacy applications, and offer a path to deploy on mobile devices.”

Michael Taylor – Product Manager

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“Visure uses GO-Global to publish the Visure Requirements Management ALM platform. GO-Global is secure, reliable, easy to install and maintain, and delivers a great user experience. We have also found it to be very cost-effective.”

Fernando Valera – CTO

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“We used to use Citrix XenApp (now Citrix Virtual Apps) to publish our cash automation platform but switched to GO-Global for its affordability and easy installation and management. Recently some Cforia AS/400 customers forced to work from home due to COVID-19 were experiencing screen pops that would hang for minutes, impeding their productivity. We moved them to GO-Global and their screen pop time was reduced to under two seconds. In addition to high-performance access, we also find GO-Global a very secure way to deliver applications. Another benefit to our customers is that before GO-Global, Cforia software updates had to be installed on each desktop by the customer’s IT department. With GO-Global, all IT has to do is install the updated Cforia client on their GO-Global server.”

Brad Wentzel – Director, Security

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“Alterdata needed to improve our data center environment to reduce cost, be more efficient, simplify end user management, and improve our end users’ experience. Go-Global provides us with all of this and, as an additional feature, enables the delivery of our applications on mobile, Mac and Linux devices.”

Rodrigo Loures – IT Manager

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Published Applications for Business

“We provide store employees with remote access to corporate applications using Oracle Cloud and GO-Global. GO-Global has delivered on 100% of our expectations, is easy for IT to manage, and provides my end users with a great experience—and no trauma.”

Julio Pires – IT Manager

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“GO-Global is a crowd pleaser! With GO-Global, our authors can quickly and effortlessly publish content for both PC and Mac users. For Moody Publishers, GO-Global makes system administration drastically easier—rather than manage software on many end user devices, we manage just the applications on our servers. We highly recommend GO-Global for low-cost, low-maintenance application publishing.”

Gregory Miller – Business Systems Manager
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“Sibelco is a global company, founded in 1872, which currently operates on 5 continents in more than 30 countries, with a team of more than 10,000 people. We have used GO-Global in South America since 2009. Using GO-Global, we have made applications available, even with low-speed connections, in very remote locations, such as the Atacama Desert in Chile and Ipojuca, Brazil, to provide full online and multiplatform access whenever required.”

Maximiliano Seixas – IS Service Manager 
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“Elosoft has had a solid and productive partnership with GraphOn since 2001. We have found GO-Global to be a reliable, secure, and low-cost solution for our customers that need to publish Windows applications. Elosoft’s mission of providing high-value technology, consulting, and support services to a growing customer base in all segments and sizes has been greatly supported by GO-Global’s capabilities.”

Claus Armange – Owner
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