GO-Global 6.0 is Generally Available

Today GO-Global 6.0 was released. GO-Global 6 delivered updated native, web, and mobile clients, improved administrator control of licensing, Windows Updates, and

Installation, and includes new features and enhancements that improve both system administration and end-user experience. New features include:

  • GO-Global Web App. A zero-install client that allows users to run Windows applications from popular web browsers on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. The GO-Global Web App supports copy-and-paste between local and remote applications, client-side password caching, and printing to local printers via GO-Global’s Preview PDF printer.
  • New! GO-Global App. This new app combines the functionality of GO-Global 5.0’s native clients and browser add-ons into a single application that can be started from a computer’s desktop, a mobile device, or a web browser. By default, users running the GO-Global Web App are prompted to download and install the GO-Global App so they will have access to GO-Global’s full functionality. For example, when the GO-Global App is installed on a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer, users running the GO-Global Web App on the computer can access local drives, print directly to local printers, and run applications outside their browsers’ windows.
  • Support for Chromebooks. The GO-Global Web App is supported on Chromebooks running on Google Chrome.
  • New! GO-Global App for Mac OS X. The app has been completely re-written to use modern Mac OS X APIs. It provides simplified installation, multi-monitor support, and Mac OS X Gatekeeper support, which helps protect against malware and misbehaving apps downloaded from the Internet.
  • New! Mobile Sense. Mobile Sense makes Windows applications accessed from mobile devices behave more like mobile apps. For example, with Mobile Sense, the application window that has the focus is automatically sized and positioned to fit the screen of the user’s device, and the keyboard automatically opens when a Windows application is able to receive text input.
  • New! Mobile Toolbar Editor. Allows administrators to create custom toolbar buttons and menus that appear at the bottom of the GO-Global App when a Windows application is accessed from a mobile device. Custom toolbars greatly improve the usability of Windows applications when they are accessed from mobile devices.
  • New! Licensing Summary. The Summary is viewed from the Admin Console and lists the GO-Global licenses that are available to a host and displays each license’s product code, number of seats, maintenance expiration date, and status.
  • New! Windows Compatibility Assurance. Minimizes the risk of incompatibilities and relieves administrators of the burdens of managing Windows Updates on GO-Global hosts by giving administrators the option to automatically defer installation of Windows Updates until GraphOn has verified that the updates are compatible with GO-Global.
  • New! GO-Global Installers. The version 6 host installer allows administrators to selectively install the product’s host, licensing, and web components. Version 6 provides two installers for the GO-Global App for Windows: go-global.exe, which installs the GO-Global App for a single user and does not require administrator rights to install, and go-global.windows.exe, which installs the GO-Global App for all users and requires administrator rights to install.
  • Application Link Sharing. The Admin Console’s Applications tab has a new Get Link option that provides a URL that administrators can copy and share with users to allow them to access a selected application from a browser.
  • Support for Session Reconnect with Third-Party Load Balancers. If a user connects to a host via a third-party load balancer, and gets disconnected while the user’s client is running, GO-Global automatically reconnects the user to the host even if the load balancer fails to connect the user to the host on which the user’s session is running.
  • New Supported Platforms. The GO-Global Host supports Windows Server 2019 (Standard and Datacenter), and the GO-Global App for Linux supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (64-bit).