GO-Global 5.0 is Generally Available

Today GO-Global for Windows Version 5.0 was released. Go-Global for Windows 5.0 improved remote end users’ experience across a board range of devices even when using a slow or unreliable home network. New features include:

  • Windows Desktop Support. In addition to providing remote access to specific applications published from a host, GO-Global for Windows 5.0 can optionally provide users and administrators with remote access to a host’s desktop (start menu, task bar, etc.).
  • Windows Themes. On Windows 7 and later, GO-Global for Windows 5.0 displays applications using the Theme that is specified on the host so applications appear the same when run through GO-Global for Windows as when they are run natively.
  • High Resolution Display Support. GO-Global for Windows 5.0 supports display scaling so that text and user interface elements are legible on high resolution displays. When users connect to a host from a Windows computer, GO-Global for Windows automatically uses the client computer’s DPI setting. When users connect to a host from other operating systems, GO-Global for Windows uses the DPI setting that is specified for the user under the Control Panel’s Display applet on the host.
  • Improved Audio Support. On Windows 7 and later, GO-Global for Windows 5.0 supports a virtual audio device that creates a private mixer for every session. These components mix the audio played by applications running in the GO-Global for Windows session and stream the (.mp4, .wav, etc.) audio data to the client.
  • Non-admin Installers for Windows Client and Browser Add-ons. GO-Global for Windows 5.0 includes new installers for the Windows Client and the Windows GO-Global Add-ons that can be run by users who do not have administrator rights.
  • Automatic Reconnect. When a user is disconnected from a host, GO-Global for Windows 5.0 automatically attempts to reconnect to the host. When network interruptions are brief, users experience only a brief pause in application response.
  • Client Log Files. The GO-Global for Windows 5.0 client records connection related messages in a log file on the client device. After a user signs into a host, the client files are automatically synchronized with the host log files to make it easier for administrators to troubleshoot network issues using both host and client data.

Connection Monitoring. GO-Global for Windows 5.0 monitors the latency and the input and output rates of connections to the host. The host tests the initial connection and records values for each of the metrics in the host log files. The host then monitors the connection and records quality changes.