How do I upgrade?

  • Step 1. Upgrade your GO-Global Licenses
    To upgrade from GO-Global Windows 3.1.X to 3.2.X or from GO-Global for UNIX 2.1.X to 2.2.X you will need to upgrade your GO-Global license. (A GO-Global for Windows 3.1.X license will not work with a 3.2.X installation. And a GO-Global for UNIX 2.1.X license will not work with a 2.2.X installation.)

    Click here to fill out the online upgrade form. This will allow you to upgrade your license from an older version of GO-Global.

    Note: You must have a valid GraphOn maintenance agreement to upgrade your GO-Global license.

  • Step 2: Backup default web pages.

    During an upgrade of GO-Global for Windows, the default web pages are reinstalled. If you have made any changes to the default pages, they will be overwritten. If you have copied the ActiveX html pages and are using modified copies, you should make sure you edit the html file and change the version in the codebase line to match what is in the new default html page.

    While upgrading GO-Global for UNIX the contents of ${GOGLOBAL_ROOT}/htdocs will be overwritten. Any changes to the web pages stored in htdocs should be backed up during an upgrade or new install. The install process will overwrite the existing web pages in this directory.

  • Step 3. Download and Install GO-Global Server and Client Software
    See the available GO-Global server software and accompanying client software and select your download.


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