Software Downloads and Documentation for Existing Customers


Note: The GO-Global software downloads below are not available for 30-day trials. Click here if you are interested in a free 30-day trial.

GO-Global 5.0 for Windows

GO-Global Host and Clients

GO-Global 5.0.1 for Windows (Build

Included with Host software: ActiveX Control, Firefox Plug-in, Google Plug-in, Native Window Client, Native Mac OS X Client, Native Linux Client.

GO-Global supports Windows Updates KB3126587 and KB3126593, which Microsoft released on February 9, 2016.
Users running GO-Global for Windows or can add support for these Windows Updates by downloading and running the Compatibility Update for the host's architecture:
KB3126587_KB3126593 Compatibility Update for x86 hosts
KB3126587_KB3126593 Compatibility Update for x64 hosts

GO-Global APIs

GO-Global API Documentation

GO-Global Clients

GO-Global 5.0.1 for Windows (Build

GO-Global Mobile Clients
  • Download your free iOS Client app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch from the Apple App Store.
  • Download your free Android Client app from Google Play
GO-Global Add-ons

GO-Global for Windows Documentation

GO-Global Mobile Client Documentation

Other Documentation


    GO-Global 2.3 for UNIX

    GO-Global for UNIX Server (Host) and Clients

    GO-Global for UNIX 2.3 (Build

    Included with server software: ActiveX Control, Firefox Plug-in, Native Windows.

    Notice: GO-Global for UNIX v2.3 requires a version 2.3 license.  Licenses from previous versions must be on active maintenance to be upgraded.  You can check the maintenance status of your license at  You can request a license upgrade at

    Note: You can also download GO-Global for UNIX at

    GO-Global Clients

    GO-Global for UNIX 2.3 (Build




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