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SSO 12 Years, 5 Months ago  
Without a type of Single Sign On for Unix/Linux clients to a windows GG server , trying to make access to a windows application as simple as a click on a ICON very
hard. Currently you have to pass the username + password in the startup script....you end up with a username and password viewable by anyone with access to
'ps -ef |grep gg'...please give us some type of SSO or
workaround for this problem

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single click application launch 11 Years, 7 Months ago Karma: 0
If your browser calls up a file with the following javascript it will authenticate to your goglobal server. However, this can be a rather large security hole.

I found this in some of the goglobal documentation somewhere.



<SCRIPT SRC ="globals.js" LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
<! --
// -->

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE=javascript >

if ( ! is_ie4up ) location.replace("default.html");
// -->

<OBJECT CLASSID="CLSID:e12f5cad-5e60-498b-8053-9782477a748a"
CODEBASE=Iplugin.cab#Version=2,1,5,740 >
<PARAM NAME="username" VALUE="myUserName">
<PARAM NAME="password" VALUE="myPassWord">
<PARAM NAME="host" VALUE="myHostAddress">
<PARAM NAME="port" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="launch" VALUE="myApplicationValue">

Where myUsername and mypassword and myhostname would look like

myUsername@myHostAddress in your connect string if you were logging on manually. You may have to fool around with the magic number for the application value.

If they guess your url or if they do a view source on your page, they will see your username and password. Don't use this unless you have a secure front end.
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