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Delay for terminating suspended sessions?
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TOPIC: Delay for terminating suspended sessions?
Delay for terminating suspended sessions? 13 Years, 6 Months ago  
It takes aprox 1 minute for the serwer to discover a lost client (setting -maintenace_interval=10 does not work), but then it takes about 15-16 minutes before the suspeded session is terminated (-max_suspended_age=0).
Is it possible to speed that up?
We are using it for process control, and 15 minutes is a very loooooong time in that world.

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Re: Delay for terminating suspended sessions? 13 Years, 5 Months ago Karma: 2
Hello Kem,

The "-maintenance_interval" option controls how often gold will check for suspended sessions (not disconnected sessions, but see below). When gold "does maintenance", any suspended sessions older than the -max_suspended_age setting will be stopped.

There is another value that you may want to adjust, which is "-ping_timeout". This is the actual timeout that causes the server to "detect" a disconnected client. In addition, there is another internal value (the INPUT_IDLE_INTERVAL) that is the period at which gold will officially mark a connection as "timed out". So, for example, up to version 2.1.2, the INPUT_IDLE_TIMEOUT is 60 seconds, and if your -ping_timeout is 10, then gold will check every sixty seconds to see if the client is responding, and if at any of these checks it has been more than 70 seconds (INPUT_IDLE_TIMEOUT+ping_timeout) then the connection is detected as closed.

The next release will have INPUT_IDLE_TIMEOUT set to 10 seconds instead, which means that the window in which gold will detect a client disconnect may be shortened (the current minimum timeout is 60 seconds -- INPUT_IDLE_TIMEOUT+0, the new minimum timeout is 10 seconds), with the possible side effect that transient network issues may be interpreted as disconnects.

Please let me know if you have any questions -- I've tried to be as clear as I can above, but I recognize it might be a bit complex still .

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