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TOPIC: Slackware
Slackware 13 Years, 6 Months ago  
Hi list,

I have tried to run GoGlobal on a Slackware distribution. It fails and tells me
"Unsupported Linux version."

Is there a way to get it running anyway?


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Mr. Kniep,

It's quite possible that with some modifications of the statup script, if you have the same glibc version or one that is reasonably compatible with what is expected by the software (libc-2.3.2 is what is used by our RedHat 9 build) then it may work. Unfortunately we have not gotten to direct support for Slackware, but in essence, you'll need to run the following commands at startup:

export GOGLOBAL_ROOT=/usr/local/graphon (modify to suit)
${GOGLOBAL_ROOT}/bin/gdbi -dbuser goglobal -dbport 4491 start
${GOGLOBAL_ROOT}/bin/lmgrd -c ${GOGLOBAL_ROOT}/etc/license.dat
${GOGLOBAL_ROOT}/bin/gold -logfile ${GOGLOBAL_ROOT}/etc/gold.log

Obviously, you should look at the current startup script for some additional hints (like lmgrd is usually run under 'su' as the goglobal user, and gold has many available command-line options that you may want to use).

Please let us know if you are able to get it working.

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