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How can I use automatic xauthority keys?
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TOPIC: How can I use automatic xauthority keys?
How can I use automatic xauthority keys? 13 Years, 9 Months ago Karma: 2
Our thanks to Cliff and Ollie for this one:

In GO-Global for UNIX version 2.1 and later, you can put this file in your [tt]${GOGLOBAL_ROOT}/etc/startxgo.d/[/tt] directory (create the directory if it doesn't exist):



SERVER=`uname -n`

randomkey=`perl -e 'for (1..4) { \
    srand(time+$$+$seed); \
    printf("%4.5x", ($seed = int(rand(65536)))); } \
  print "\n";'`

echo "Generating xauth key for $DISPLAY"
$GOGLOBAL_ROOT/bin/xauth add $DISPLAY . $randomkey
$GOGLOBAL_ROOT/bin/xauth add $UNIXDISPLAY . $randomkey

serveropts="${serveropts} -auth $HOME/.Xauthority"

Note that this assumes you have perl available. Note also that this is not supported for versions prior to 2.1, but similar modifications could be made inside the startxgo.sh script.
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